3km VCSEL illuminator LI-0XXXA-003K-AD-0A0

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  • • Automatic zoom, stepless optical zoom, standard interface
  • • Illuminating distance 3km
  • • High reliability, lifetime >20000hrs
  • • Small size, easy to integrate
  • • RS422, RS485, RS232, TTL can be selected
  • • Good co-axiality with the lens for better synchronization with the camera
  • • Uniform light spot, no noise
  • • Power-down state memory
  • • Self-developed photosensitive control switch or manual switch
  • • Protocol is compatible between Brightlaser and Pelco
  • • Pre-set position setting
  • • Low heat, high efficiency, highly bright
  • • Environment friendly
  • • Port terminal monitoring
  • • Border and coastal defense monitoring
  • • Forest fire monitoring
  • • Commanding height monitoring
  • • Highway monitoring
Part Number Description
LI-0XXXA-003K-AD-0A0  3km VCSEL illuminator

Code Rules

I. Description
   This VCSEL illuminator is designed with self-developed light intensity homogenization technology and VCSEL chip. To ensure its reliability, a unique photoelectric isolation design is adopted. For easier integration, standard interface parameters are adopted. The communication protocol adopts both Brightlaser and Pelco protocol. The VCSEL illuminator also uses a photosensitive automatic switch and a manual switch. Simultaneously, when the illuminator is turned on, a linkage switch signal will be sent out, which can make the camera automatically switch to night mode. To integrate into the system, the illuminator is small and has a self-patented heat dissipation design for advantages in size and reliability. Meanwhile, with good co-axiality at any time, the illuminator and the camera are guaranteed to be synchronized during the entire zoom process. For both short distance and long distance, the system can adjust the illuminator and the camera lens to be co-axial. To facilitate the observation of different target ranges at different distances, the user can use control signals to automatically adjust the observation range. It is suitable for security monitoring systems and is an ideal infrared lighting source.

II. Specifications

III. Mechanical Schematics (unit : mm)
Note:There may be some changes between sample and drawing, thus,the actual spec please refer to the sample that you received. And if any inquires please contact us.

IV. Installation Schematics
    RS422 Wiring diagram: (TTL, RS232, RS485 please select according to the table below the diagram)

Terminal Sequence Table (Length: laser exit to terminal)
    Please add 470ohm resistance filter or corresponding inductance filter at both ends of RXD and TXD to strengthen the anti-interference ability during TTL communication.

V. Laser safety
    The output power of this module is classified as Class IV, one can refer to GB7247.1-2012 or IEC60825-1:2007 Laser Product Safety: Part 1: Devices classification, requirements and user’s manual”.

VI. Copyright statement
    This documentation is wholly owned by Brightlaser Limited. Anyone, any organization or third part may not partly or wholly copy, reproach the documentation. Otherwise, anyone can be prosecuted.