300m VCSEL Array Laser Illuminator LI-0860A-300M-02-65 / LI-0860M-300M-02-65

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  • High performance VCSEL chip, no attenuation
  • High efficiency up to 40%@25°C, >35%@50°C
  • VCSEL chip, wide operating temperature -40~85°C
  • VCSEL array chip with large emission area, good safety
  • Motorized large dynamic beam angle zooming
  • Illumination over 300m range
  • High reliability, lifetime up to 50,000hrs
  • Compact, easy to integrate
  • TTL interface
  • Negligible off-axis divergence, easy to collimate with camera lens
  • Uniform beam intensity, speckle free
  • Operating state memory
  • CE certified
  • Predefining position
  • Low heat, high efficiency
  • Security surveillances
  • Automobile night vision (ADAS)
  • Machine vision
  • Gesture recognition
  • Display applications
  • Military applications

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LI-0860A-300M-02-65 / LI-0860M-300M-02-65  300m VCSEL Array Laser Illuminator

    This laser illuminator is high performance integrated with high quality laser chip and excellent optics design, and outstanding circuit control with high efficiency. It has big dynamic beam angle zooming, which can match the field view angle of cameras. It also has friendly interfaces such as operating voltage, communication protocol and installation schematic. It can be widely used in high-speed dome, PTZ camera and traffic monitoring.
    This illuminator is compatible with major lens and cameras, integrated with the protocols of Pelco D. It is easy for users to implement the illuminator. Simultaneously, position can be preset via serial port, and users can call the instruction to operate conveniently in use. Due to uniform power intensity of beam, users can obtain high quality video and easily recognize the features inside.
    This product has two models: LI-0860A-300M-02-65 is auto focus, LI-0860M-300M-02-65 is
manual focus. It is easy to match with auto and manual zoom lenses.

Mechanical drawing

Electrical interface
Laser safety
    The output power of this module is classified as Class IV, one can refer to IEC 60825-1:2014 “Laser Product Safety: Part 1: Devices classification, requirements and user’s manual”.
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