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Line Laser module

Date:2022-01-22 Page view:

  • Uniform and detail-oriented
  • No stripes & No noise
  • Collimated beam
  • Long distance indication
  • Low thermal resistance
  • High power conversion efficiency
  • Infrastructure alignment
  • Medical and beauty application
  • Indication and positioning
    This product is integrated by in-house manufactured & high-quality laser diode and is shielding with copper for better heat dissipation.
    Compared with traditional frequency doubles laser and LED, it enables to provide a higher peak power and lower power consumption, low wavelength drift with temperature and good reliability. It provides narrower emission angle without optical and thermal compensation, which allow to operate a wider range of environments.
    This product with laser diodes with smallsized, light, low price, long life, low power consumption and fast frequency response.
    It can be applied to infrastructure alignment,positioning, indication, inspection, machine vision and other fields for ideal invisible laser source.

Part Number  Wavelength(nm) Optical power Beam divergence Description 
VM-0405F-005M-GL-0A0 405士10nm 5士1mW 110°  Φ7×L13.7
VM-0450B-002M-AL-0A0 450nm 2mW - L50 × W50 x H57
VM-0808F-050M-GL-0A0 808士10nm CW50;Pulse100mW ≥130° Φ8×L11
VM-0850B-006M-AL-0A0 850±2nm 6mW - L13 x φ9
VM-0850F-025M-HL-0A0 850nm 25士1mW 1.2士0.1° Φ9×L11
VM-0940C-080M-AL-0A0 940nm 80mW - L10.5 x φ9
VM-0405F-005M-GL-0A0 405士10nm 5mW 110° Φ7×L13.7
VM-0808F-050M-GL-0A0 808士10nm 100mW ≥130° Φ8×L11
VM-0850F-025M-HL-0A0 850nm 25士1mW 1.2士0.1° Φ9×L11°
VM-0940F-030M-GL-0A0 940nm 30mW 130°士5 Φ9×L13.0