Range Finder Sensor LS-0905C-200M-3D-A4-X

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  • High precision
  • High measurement frequency, 200 or 1000Hz
  • Long ranging up to 200m
  • IP67 waterproof protection
  • Good real-time performance
  • Friendly interface
  • Small size
  • High reliability
  • ADAS vehicle system
  • Robot navigating system
  • Traffic control system
  • Industrial automation
  • Military applications

Part Number Description
LS-0905C-200M-3D-A4-X 905nm VCSEL, Range finder sensor, 0.5~200m, 200/1000Hz


    A4 is high-performance range finder sensors, integrated with excellent optics and high accuracy timer. It can measure up to 1000Hz stably and can give out the real-time distance between range finder and the object. It is easy to integrate due to its friendly interfaces and compact size. It is ideal for vehicle ADAS system, robot navigation system and smart traffic monitoring.


Mechanical drawing
Laser safety
The laser used in this device is classified as Class IIB, which is eye-safe one. Please refer to GB7247.1-2016 / IEC60825-1:2014 “Laser Product Safety: Part 1: Devices classifications,requirements and user’s manual”.
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