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Single Line Scanning Lidar LS-0940H-00XM-AC-FX9

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  • 360° scanning lidar with high precision
  •  Pulsed VCSEL source, excellent performance
  •  High measurement frequency, up to 14kHz
  • Strong resistance to ambient light interference
  • Compactness
  • High reliability
  • Sweeper navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Environmental scanning and 3D modelling
  • Obstacle detection and evasion of security
  • Regional security
  • Robot navigation
  • Vehicle ADAS
    B1 series LiDAR adopts independent intellectual DTOF technology and high-performance high-pulse power VCSEL devices and high-quality optical design, advanced optomagnetic design and high-performance, high-precision timing circuit, high measurement frequency, small size, and realization of 360° two-dimensional scanning of distance; the infrared high-power pulsed VCSEL laser is used, which is invisible to the naked eye and safe for the human eye, and has strong antiinterference ability. It can be widely used in sweeper/robot navigation and obstacle avoidance.
Part Number Description
LS-0940H-00XM-AC-FX9 940nm VCSEL Single Line LiDAR, DTOF, up to 4m/7m, 5-20Hz

Code Rules


I. Specifications

II. Mechanical Schematics

III. Laser Safety

    The laser in the device used is Class 1, which is eye-safe one. Please refer to GB7247.1-2016/IEC 60825-1:2014 《 Laser products safety: Part I: Devices classifications, Requirements, and user’s manual》.

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