808nm VCSEL application (Semiconductor laser hair removal)

Date:2022-01-14 Page view:
With the development of laser technology, products using VCSEL as the core device show a lot of advantages and in the field of laser beauty, it has increasingly won the favor and recognition of consumers worldwide. At present, the mainstream hair removal instrument on the market uses an 808nm laser as the core device. 

Compared with OPT laser hair removal, it only has a better effect on black hair. Hairs of other colors, such as yellow hair and white hair removal treatment. It can efficiently remove black, yellow, white, brown and other color hair, fast and accurate. The melanin absorption fluff, are weaker and have a slight tingling sensation. 808nm semiconductor laser wavelength can target  melanin  for precise and selective effect is particularly good, satisfying customers' whitening and beauty demand.

At present, few company can supply high performance VCSELs at 808nm in the market, but the demand is ever increasing. Therefore, launched high-performance 3W, 6W, 10-12W 808nm VCSEL chips, which have satisfied customer’s demand in the market.

808nm VCSEL has obvious advantages: electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 45%, flat package and TO package  are  optional,  small  size  and light weight; high output power, small temperature influence, low wavelength drift as low as 0.07nm / ℃, stable performance and long life 50,000 hours.

Based on the Brightlaser 808nm VCSEL laser diode as the basic device, it can be made into an 808nm high power vertical stacked semiconductor laser module, which is used in semiconductor laser hair removal products and other fields. It can provide vertical stacking packages of multiple laser bar to form a high power laser. The output uses high-density laser bar stacking technology, the bar spacing is small so that the module can obtain high-brightness laser output while maintaining a small size, providing efficient operation.

In addition to 808nm laser diodes, Brightlaser also has 850nm and 940nm VCSEL laser diodes. Various package forms,  flat  package  structure,  easy  to integrate, TO package market application is mature, and single emitter and array are optional to meet different power and spot shape requirements.