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Upgrade your product without additional burden

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Proximity Sensor Base on VCSELs
Proximity sensor used VCSEL as the emitter delivers a higher sensitivity, easier to integrate, lower interference from ambient light and lower power consumption than that used LED or EEL. BRIGHTLASER has a vision of everyone using the innovation to get a freedom of life, therefore an affordable VCSEL Proximity Sensor has been introduced.

Proximity Sensor in Automatic System

Personal hygiene is the key step to improve a physical well-being. The public equipment that commonly used can easily gather germs, with non-contact system will help us to reduce the viruses and bacteria enter to our body.
Moreover, the handicap accessible equipment with automatic system, for example automatic wheelchair ramp and anti-collision alarm will give disabilities a more safety and convenient lifestyle. More people experiencing a reasonable price and a higher technology is BRIGHTLASR’s aims to contribute our society.  


The A7-C with product code LS-0940G-015C-EC-KA7 is an advanced VCSEL Proximity Sensor, which integrated with own designed 940nm VCSEL, which make the cost significantly reduced. With a compact circuit, it has a small size (10m x10mm) for easier integration of other components. A7-C sensor is used to detect nearby obstacle where maximum range is 15cm. Its measured frequency can be customized to optimize the power consumption and suit the unique purpose of application. It consists of 4 pins interface (EN, OUT, GND, VCC) and their function is listed in Table 3.