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Smallyet Powerful TOF Laser Ranging Sensor

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Laser ranging sensors can be adopted by many applications, such as building measurement, spatial positioning, industrial control, distance measurement in traffic monitoring.
We have used many tools,we take it for granted but haven't delved into how it works. Although this is not a problem, understanding the working mechanism can help you make the right choice, and these tools (such as laser ranging sensors) can work better for you.
The basic principle of the laser ranging sensor is very simple. First, the ranging sensor emits a laser beam. The laser beam hits the target thenreflected, the receiver sensor detects the beam, and the ultra-high-speed clock measures the time the laser beam reflects. The laser beam travels at the speed of light. The software in the ranging sensor will multiply the speed of the laser beam by the time of emission and reflection to calculate the distance to the target surface.


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Although all laser ranging sensors have the same basic functions, the difference in measurement methods can make their performance vary quite significant.
Among those, optical design is the key factor of measurement methodologies.
  • -- Pulsed laser, rangefinder emits a series of pulsed laser beams, and software processes multiple measurement data in rapid succession. Generally speaking, the measurement frequency determines the sampling rate, and if the higher measurement frequency, means higher repeatability accuracy.
  • -- Beam divergence.Usually, the smaller the divergence, the highermeasurement accuracy, and the longer measurement distance.
Brightlaser provides high-performance, high-frequency ranging sensors based on time-of-flight (ToF) technology. Integrated excellent optical design and high-precision timer. It can stably measure up to 1000Hz, and can give real time distance between the rangefinder and the object. Thanks to friendly interface and compact size, it is easy to integrate to customer’s system. It is an ideal for ADAS systems, robots, navigation systems and intelligent traffic monitoring.
LS-0905D-150M-ED-KA4is a fast laser ranging sensor with small size and excellent performance. It has the advantages of long ranging distance, high frequency, and the repeat accuracy can achieve centimetre level.


To ensure the safety to humans and pets, low-power infrared laser is adopted as emitting light source, and is driven by modulated pulse mode. The laser only emits in very short pulse, which meets Class1 laser safety standard,is classified aseye-safe.
The A4 laser ranging sensor has a variety of output signals, which can be well compatible with customers' systems. It is of high accuracy, fast measurement, and simple installation. It has been widely used in room measurement, industrial control, traffic monitoring and other fields. It has beenwidely acceptedand favoured by customers.
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