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Laser Illuminator help you step into night vision

    Infrared (IR) is a light wave beyond the visible range of the human eye, but it can be read by the camera sensor and converted into a clear black and white image. This makes infrared (IR), an invisible light source, an ideal, hidden night vision lighting choose.

Figure 1: Fundamentals of Imaging Systems; Source: Internet
    Traditional infrared LED arrays are often used in the surveillance industry and are suitable for scenes where the ambient light is dim and the camera cannot obtain a clear image. However, most of the LED arrays have an illumination distance of only 300 meters. Beyond this range, Brightlaser has developed and provided (zoomable laser) lighting technology.
    Laser illuminator is the most efficient light source, and it is also more lightweight, more compact, and more robust.
    There are also many companies in the market that use lasers to extend the range of infrared illumination. However, due to the laser’s properties, and the laser beam characteristics, the illumination is usually inconsistent. Brightlaser adopts a unique optical design, with uniform and delicate light spots, which can effectively identify details, and is especially suitable for high-definition cameras; it can provide clear and uniform images in complete darkness of up to 5 kilometers, far beyond the traditional IR LED array is usually limited to the effective range of 300m. 
Figure 2: Brightlaser Laser Illuminators
    Brightlaser portfolio, including Fixed focus/zoomable laser illuminator; Industry's smallest size zoom laser illuminators; illuminating range up to 5Km. The comparative advantage of Brightlaser laser illuminator

    o Designed with independent patented homogenization technology and industrial-grade laser chip with excellent performance.
    o Eye-safety through optical design.
    o Improved satisfactory images in complete darkness.
    o Compared with infrared LEDs, lasers have a narrower spectrum, are resistant to ambient light interference, and have unique advantages in facial recognition applications.

    o Adopt aviation-grade components, with good environmental adaptability and wide operating temperature range.
    o Use VCSEL array laser, wide operating temperature range, long lifetime and high reliability.
    o High photoelectric conversion efficiency ensures low power consumption, energy saving and Environmental friendly.

Easy to integrate
    o Use standard interface parameters
    o Adopt the industry-wide Pelco D protocol to facilitate customer integration
    o The power supply adopts 12V/24V/48V DC, which is convenient for unified power supply with the system.
We use high-quality lasers in products to provide uniform and delicate spots, and adjust the focus area and brightness of the laser according to the zoom level.
Since the wavelength of the light used by the laser is similar to that seen by the human eye, the object looks similar to the effect under the spotlight. This means that identifying marks, license plates and faces are easier to identify than using a thermal imaging camera.
Brightlaser has being the supplier infrared night vision lasers for 12 years, the illuminators have been used in various scenarios of sea, land and air, urban monitoring, etc.; they are compact, reliable, widely accepted and favored by customers. Now accept 1550nm laser customization, and Gated Camera laser customization.

    o Port terminal monitoring;
    o Border and coastal defence monitoring;
    o Forest fire monitoring;
    o Commanding heights monitoring;
    o Highway monitoring;

Applies to:
    o High-speed Dome Camera,
    o Bullet Camera
    o PTZ Camera, night vision, surveillance system

Innovations for Freedom
    Brightlaser was founded in 2014, is a global pioneer supplier in VCSEL technology from components, sensors, to total solutions for AI/IoT applications including Optical Communication, Consumer Electronics, ADAS, Machine Vision, Telecom, Robotics, Smart House, Surveillance System, etc.
    As a high-tech company, Brightlaser possesses its own VCSEL intellectual properties in wafer design, advanced chip process, and applications. Brightlaser headquartered in Hong Kong, established branch offices in Shen Zhen and Zhong Shan of China. The factory located in Zhong Shan   covers   footprint   of   160,000   Sq. ft., equipped with   globally   state- of-art GaAs techniques, and the first 6-inch VCSEL chip fab & packaging line in mainland China.

    In recent years, Brightlaser has caught up extremely quickly with all the opportunities the market has been giving, is becoming increasingly competitive. Currently, we are working with world-wide-leading partners and customers in technologies, marketing, and sales.
    To cope with the rapidly growing, we are seeking professional dealers, distributors to join this promising field.  As a self-driven, proactive, taking initiative, team player, you are welcome to our fast-paced, dynamic team of collaborators.