Laser Proximity Sensor LS-0940G-015C-EC-KA7

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  • Good Stability
  • Simple interface, external control
  • Easy to install
  • Small size
  • Low power consumption
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Motion Sensing
  • Faucet Sensor
  • Toilet Sensor
  • Automatic Door
  • Smart House
  • Robot Anti-collision System

    BrightLaser A7 series – Laser Proximity Sensor completely solves the disadvantages of traditional proximity sensor with infrared and ultrasound, such as low sensitivity, slow response, low reliability and high power consumption. This A7 Sensor realizes the integration of VCSEL and PIN PD with smaller size. It can be widely applied to automatic switches, faucet sensor, toilet sensor, automatic door and robot anti-collision system.

Part Number Description
LS-0940G-015C-EC-KA7 0.15m Laser Proximity Sensor


I. Specifications

II. Mechanical Schematics

III. Laser Safety
    The laser in the device used is Class 1, which is eye-safe one. Please refer to IEC60825-1:2014《Laser products safety: Part I: Devices classifications, Requirements,and user’s manual》.
IV. Copyright
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V. Revision History

Note: Brightlaser reserves the right to make modification at any time due to improved design from time to time, the merit behind is to supply the best product possible.