Range Finder Sensor LS-0940C-002M-DC-HA7

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  • High precision
  • High measurement frequency
  • More interface
  • Friendly interface
  • Small size
  • Good real-time performance

  • Proximity sensing
  • Displacement sensing
  • Water faucet
  • Auto door
  • Smart home, robot anti-collision system

Part Number Description
LS-0940G-002M-DC-HA7 940nm VCSEL, Range finder sensor, 5~200cm, 100Hz, RS232


    Brightlaser offers all-purpose Laser proximity sensors which has completely solved the flaw of traditional infrared and the ultrasonic wave: low sensitivity, slow response, low reliability, big power consumption and so on; Providing with different sensing ranges of 0.3m, 0.8m and 2m. High quality optical design makes the proximity sensor small size, high measurement frequency, high reliability and fast heat dissipation, which are widely used in the field of proximity sensor, smart house, water faucet, auto-door, robot anticollision system, etc.


Mechanical drawing (unit: mm)

RS232 Pin:

Output data format:
    Host send format: frame(FF) + hexadecimal distance data frames(EE); Data unit: mm
          For example: FF 01 03 EE
                                01 03 is expressed as: 01*256 + 03 = 259mm
          Distance is measured as: 259mm
     The default state of this ranging is continuous measurement on power; the frequency is not adjustable.
Laser safety
    The laser used in this device is classified as Class I, which is eye-safe one. Please refer to GB7247.1-2016 / IEC60825-1:2014 “Laser Product Safety: Part 1: Devices classifications,requirements and user’s manual”.
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