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Auto-Grade VCSEL Diode AEC-Q102 Test and 50g Bump Test Qualified

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Brightlaser VCSEL diodes have passed AEC-Q102 automotive qualification testing, as well as Bump Test of 50g (50 times the acceleration of gravity).  provides high-reliability VCSEL products for automotive applications.

【AEC-Q102 Certification】
Among many AEC quality certification standards, AEC-Q102 is a stress test certification based on failure mechanism for discrete optoelectronic semiconductors in automotive applications. These tests mainly measure the strength, safety, reliability and overall feasibility of optoelectronic components. Each test has failure criteria and acceptance criteria. Take laser components as an example, including a single pure laser chip, and a package combination of laser chips, optical components, and other converters.
Brightlaser newly launched AEC-Q102 qualified VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) diode LD/P-0XXX-CXXX-XXXX-XP series, is good for optical in-cabin sensing (ICS) systems, with high conversion efficiency and high reliability, support 2D NIR imaging and 3D TOF sensing; the fast speed responsive advantage is also ideal for 4D sensor, ADAS and lidar applications.

Key Features:
  • 2W / 4W Optical Output Power
  • Configuration with VCSEL, Diffuser, Photodiode,
  • High power conversion efficiency

50g (50 times acceleration of gravity) Bump Test
Automotive electronic components need to work under diverse pressures and dynamic environments; The Bump Test is to simulate whether the product function is normal or failure when under a series of impacts in working environment. Bump Tests assess the integrity and reliability of the product structure.
Brightlaser VCSEL device LP000X-C00X-XXXXSP-0103 passed the Bump Test above 50G and obtained the certification report IEC60068-2-29:1993. This implies that the integrity and reliability of the VCSEL diode have reached the automotive standard production process.

1.2 Environmental condition(s)
Temperature: 23.2℃
Humidity: 48%RH
1.3 Test standard Refer to the standard IEC60068-2-29:1993 and according to client’s requirements.

1.4 Test condition(s)
1) Sample status: unpackaged.
2) Peak acceleration: 500m/s2
3) Pulse duration: 6ms
4) Pulse shape: half sine wave
5) Axial: ±X/±Y/±Z axis
6) Number of impacts: 10 times per axis
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The automotive qualification also means that this series of devices are very durable, and the certification standards exceed the quality requirements of consumer electronics and industrial applications, so they are also highly competitive in the consumer electronics and industrial application markets.
In addition, Brightlaser is ISO9001 certified Semiconductor Manufacture Company. VCSEL products have passed SGS authoritative certification, CE, RoHS, and SVHC certification.