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Laser Module

  • Uniform and detail-oriented
  • Collimated beam
  • Long distance indication
  • Manual beam spot adjustment
  • Low thermal resistance
  • High power conversion efficiency
  • Teaching and scene guidance
  • Infrastructure alignment
  • Lighting for stage performance
  • Medical and beauty application
  • Indication and positioning
    This product VM-0650B-003M-AD-0A0 is integrated with imported and high-quality laser diodes and is shielding with copper for better heat dissipation.
    Compared with traditional frequency doubles laser and LED, it enables to provide a higher peak power and lower power consumption, subtle wavelength shift with temperature and good reliability. It provides narrow emission angle without optical and thermal compensation, which allow various operation environments.
    This product with laser diodes with small-sized, light, low price, long life, low power consumption, fast frequency response and manual beam spot adjustment.
    It can be applied to infrastructure alignment, positioning, indication, inspection, machine vision and other fields for ideal visible laser source.

I. Specifications

II. Mechanic schematic

III. Laser Product Safety
    The output power of this module is classified as class 3R, one can refer to IEC 60825- 1:2014《Laser Product Safety: Part 1:Devices classification, requirements and user’s Manual》.

IV. Copyright Statement
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