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Consumer Electronics

To provide high performance laser source intelligent sensor, and solution for smart home appliances.

Automation & Robotics

To provide core laser components, laser rangefinder sensors, laser modules,  laser curtain, radar, and total solutions.

Self-driving System

To provide core laser components, laser lamp modules, solid-state lidar,  multifunction sensor, and total solution.

Security Surveillances

To provide high performance IR laser illuminators, laser rangefinder, laser qazers, cameras, and total solution.

Brightlaser Limited

excellent provider in Range finder sensors, Lidars and lasers based on its prominent photonic techniques

Company Profile

BrightLaser is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BrightIntelligence, which is located in Hong Kong. As the headquarters of the group, it is responsible for the overall operation, core R&D and overseas market of the company; Shenzhen company is located in Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen, responsible for application R&D and mainland market; Zhongshan company is located in Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, responsible for the company’s product production and service.

BrightIntelligence is based on a new generation of light source VCSEL laser chip and devotes itself to the field of artificial intelligence. To provide core VCSEL chips, modules and solutions for consumer electronics, security monitoring, smart home, new retail, intelligent driving, industrial automation and robots, laser lighting, laser display and optical communications applications.

The company’s core team and technology come from Hong Kong. There are more than 80 intellectual property rights and more than 20 applications under way. They have been awarded honorary titles such as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “CCTV Credit China” column partners, and “Credit Certification Enterprise” of the Ministry of Commerce.




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VCSEL Diodes Laser Illuminator Laser Sensors Laser Dazzler ADAS For large commercial vehicle